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Crypto Decks Preview

The first series is being revealed via the game app and Crypti*Color is going to include multiple deck and board templates. This is happening because we want to get different ascertainment of Epothacies and manifestos. See what becomes of it. Yes we know the original game needs a lot of work and we’re waiting on our in-house developer to return from the Nile. Eeeekkkk….


Bbbuuuttt to peak interest, we’re putting just a few of the crypto templates for Epothacies 5 into the app and making modifications to the play store page and other mods. And Forever Moments has a new sticker set and more coming to GPS

Oh and speaking of GPS that’s what we use now as our developer email address gps@appstars.guru because it’s that way to Shaner Island.

Enjoy your new deck master Zen!


Que Sera srira

Cha Cha Cha!!! Hot Daaammmnnn!

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